Syl-Mar Construction is a Certified Women Owned full-service
general building contractor specializing in:
Commercial and Industrial construction projects;
Tenant Improvements; Laboratories; Clean Rooms;
Design/Build Projects
Joe Shea, LEED AP
Sr Vice President
1310 Tully Road • Suite 114
San Jose, CA 95122
Thank you for your continued support over the years.  We are sorry to inform you that
Syl-Mar Construction clos
ed its doors as of late 2017.  

The success of Syl-Mar Construction over the previous 25+ years has been largely
due to its amazing client base, subcontractors and vendors.

We have tried hard to make each one of our customers happy through
exceptional customer services and we are very grateful to you for trusting in
us for your construction needs.

Syl-Mar Construction